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Steps to create a blast furnace in Minecraft

Every Minecraft player understands the significance of a blast furnace. Maybe, you are unsure about the procedure. Follow this guide, and it will help you to prepare the furnace quickly. First, you have to gather eight pieces of cobblestone and put it on the crafting table. Official website of Fragnet Networks AB can help you to choose the right game server.

You can accumulate cobblestones by mining the stone blocks. In the effort, you should also find some extra pieces; keep it nearby as it will help you later while making the blast furnace.  Now, for building it, you have to use three pieces of smooth stone, five iron ingots along with the furnace.


Both the ingots and stone are available by mining and smelting iron ore with a fuel source respectively.  Then again, you can also locate iron in various places like ravines, caves, mineshafts, and anywhere in below the earth’s surface. Make sure of using a stone pickaxe for mining iron ore.

Similarly, you will find the iron ingots via the wide array of chests. Usually, you will come across them on your journey playing Minecraft. After assembling all the required items, you can combine them and the blast furnace will be ready within no time. Now, you are ready to smelt metal items at a faster pace.